Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 10

Breakfast - white fungus, dates and some chickpea family. Papaya and apple

Lunch - Taiwanese you fan (oily rice). Really tasty. sesame oil Chicken soup

Dinner - liver with ginger, vegetable, fried tempura batter with chicken and vegetables inside, some kind of beef broth stew, sesame oil chicken, you fan

Day 9

Breakfast - sesame ball soup

Lunch - black bone chicken noodle soup and egg rolls

Dinner - sea bass, veggies, kidney, tomatoes and eggs and chicken soup

By the way, today is two weeks since we had the baby. Got on the scale today and without trying (prob due to tons of breastfeeding), I've lost 32 pounds of the 45 pounds I gained during my pregnancy.

Day 8

Breakfast - red bean soup

Lunch - chicken noodle soup

Dinner - sea bass, tofu and wakame Mabo tofu style without the spice, 2 kinds of veggies, chicken soup

Day 7

Breakfast - barley oatmeal

Lunch - chicken noodle soups, Korean pancake

Dinner -

nanny powers

I'm not sure what mrs lin's special powers are, but after trying to feed, diaper change, console, burp, tummy time a screaming -- and then screeching -- newborn, we handed baby girl off to her. a few pats and she was quiet and then sleeping. all this while watching Hannibal rising which she didn't really understand but watched nonetheless.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 6

Breakfast - sesame tang yuan and mini no fill tang yuan in the tea. Made per my request

Lunch - rice stick noodles

Snack - Indonesian rice ball. Rice soaked in coconut wrapped around pork sung, Chinese shredded pork

Dinner - chicken, fish, veggies, soup

Day 5

Breakfast - white fungus dates and chickpeas?

Lunch -noodles

Dinner - various dishes. Too tired to describe. Will come back to this

Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 4

Breakfast - sweet red bean and barley soup, papaya and boiled egg

Lunch - variation of noodle with veggies, liver, organic chicken.

Dinner - Chicken soup, Taiwanese spinach, some kind of filet of fish (no bones), veggie dish (consisting of Bok choy, yamaimo mountain yam, carrots and liver), ground meat with dried bean curd, some fried tofu with stuffed meat and fried wonton.

Always the same tea with every meal. I still like it do thats good. I have been pretty much only drinking water these last 10 months so it's a nice welcome change.

Apparently Asian pear is a nono, since it retains water I think? So doesn't reduce swelling. However, apples are good. So are papayas.

Starting to get a little tired of eating liver and chicken at every meal.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 3

Breakfast - tang yuan and sesame tang yuan. Kinda like mochi, these are glutinous rice balls, some not filled and some filled with sesame.

Lunch - wonton noodles with vegetables, chicken, pig feet, peanuts, mushroom and soy sauce egg.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

From the other side:
Mrs Lin arrived via Alice's parents. They took her to the Chinese grocery to pick up things she would need to cook. They arrived with a caravan of food: a fruit stand, a vegetable stand, pounds of fish (sea bass!) and many many chickens. It took a few trips for Alice's dad and I to get it upstairs. And then with amazing efficiency and absolutely no help ("not appropriate!", she yelled at us when we tried to help) she managed to fit it all into the fridge and freezer, set up a pressure cooker, hot pots, stews, teas and start to cook. She didn't see her room until night time.

Day 2

Breakfast - barley, longyen, date "oatmeal" with brown sugar. Tastes like those glutinous rice canned desserts. This is supposed to help breast milk production.

Lunch - noodles with pork and bean sprouts and chicken and mushroom soup with ginger.

Dinner - fried wontons for the husband, but I can have a few too. Liver, which is supposed to replenish my blood supply, Chinese spinach, chicken and mushroom soup.

Day 1

Dinner - Simple clean broth with seabass, noodles and vegetables accompanied with a special tea made with dates, goji berries, ginger, brown sugar and a few other things I couldn't understand.

Apparently the sea bass has very nutritious qualities to help heal the surgery.

The tea on the other hand is the only drink I'm supposed to drink, I think. Mrs. Lin and my mom both said no water, because I am swollen and it retains in your system.

Zuo yue zi ~the introduction

This blog will be dedicated to the food of the first "30 days" of care postpartum in the Taiwanese traditional sense.

In Taiwan, after you deliver your child, the first 30 days is called zuo yue zi, translated to sitting place, I think.

Although I was born and raised here as a Taiwanese American, I have decided to hire a live in nanny to zuo yue zi for me.

This entails eating special meals with herbs and different proteins and drinking special drinks. The purpose is to help you heal faster and produce nutritious breastmilk.

I had a beautiful baby girl on Saturday, March 16. After a 5 day stay in the hospital, I arranged for the nanny to arrive on March 22, so my first 30 days begins there.

I can only understand about 80% of what the nanny is saying so I may miss ingredients here and there. This blog isn't going to capture detailed recipes, but just a fun way to remember what I ate during these 30 days.

My nanny, Mrs Lin is 72 yrs old.