Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 4

Breakfast - sweet red bean and barley soup, papaya and boiled egg

Lunch - variation of noodle with veggies, liver, organic chicken.

Dinner - Chicken soup, Taiwanese spinach, some kind of filet of fish (no bones), veggie dish (consisting of Bok choy, yamaimo mountain yam, carrots and liver), ground meat with dried bean curd, some fried tofu with stuffed meat and fried wonton.

Always the same tea with every meal. I still like it do thats good. I have been pretty much only drinking water these last 10 months so it's a nice welcome change.

Apparently Asian pear is a nono, since it retains water I think? So doesn't reduce swelling. However, apples are good. So are papayas.

Starting to get a little tired of eating liver and chicken at every meal.

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