Saturday, March 23, 2013

Zuo yue zi ~the introduction

This blog will be dedicated to the food of the first "30 days" of care postpartum in the Taiwanese traditional sense.

In Taiwan, after you deliver your child, the first 30 days is called zuo yue zi, translated to sitting place, I think.

Although I was born and raised here as a Taiwanese American, I have decided to hire a live in nanny to zuo yue zi for me.

This entails eating special meals with herbs and different proteins and drinking special drinks. The purpose is to help you heal faster and produce nutritious breastmilk.

I had a beautiful baby girl on Saturday, March 16. After a 5 day stay in the hospital, I arranged for the nanny to arrive on March 22, so my first 30 days begins there.

I can only understand about 80% of what the nanny is saying so I may miss ingredients here and there. This blog isn't going to capture detailed recipes, but just a fun way to remember what I ate during these 30 days.

My nanny, Mrs Lin is 72 yrs old.

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