Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Photo shoot - Melody is 25 days old! Apr 9

We had baby's first photo shoot today. The photographer requested that we turn the heat to 80'degrees in our home so that we could shoot the baby au naturale. Hearing the clucks and mutterings of disapproval are nothing new - Alice never finishes her food, fails to drink The Tea, doesn't eat on time and always has bizarre requests for the baby (don't wipe her face it gives her pimples). But this time the combined heat and duration were getting to the nanny. Usually photos take 30 minutes! In her 22 years as a nanny, she had never seen a photographer shoot for so long, in so many positions, using so many props. But in the end she was sure that these pictures would turn out beautiful, and she would like one for her collection of children she's helped rear.

I have to hand it to the photographer, there were baskets and blankets, backdrops and pillows, all schlepped from the car to the baby's room (now semi pro studio). but she was good with the baby. Holding a naked newborn she got peed on and pooed on several times and endured it all with a good attitude all the while saying "this always happens". Even the nanny warmed up to her because she was taiwanese and spoke to the nanny in Chinese.

Baby melody is probably tired from her photo shoot but no less so than her parents. Can't wait to see the pics.

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